People's Survey

People Survey - Hilda group Malu'u (small)-056ad555-cbde-451e-a9f6-b23c86fd4a6e-0-200x181The People’s Survey was an independent annual survey, that was conducted prior to ‘transition’ in 2013, that provided a unique insight into the opinions of Solomon Islanders on a wide range of issues, including business and employment, law and order, public accountability and access to services.

The survey was used across RAMSI’s partnership with the Solomon Islands Government to establish benchmarks and set targets and in a wide range of areas, including law and order, household economy and delivery of services. It was used in RAMSI’s reporting to the Pacific Islands Forum and provides a mechanism for measuring the views of Solomon Islanders on progress against the jointly-agreed Solomon Islands Government-RAMSI partnership objectives.

The survey also provided important statistics on areas that are not directly related to RAMSI’s work, including health and education.

Below you can download all of RAMSI’s previous People’s Surveys.