The RAMSI produced documentary, Mere Blong Iumi, records the extraordinary experiences of Solomon Islands women in recent history as peacemakers, parliamentarians, business leaders, educators and homemakers – in their own words and for the first time.

Part 1 - Kastom

Part 1 Kastom explores the place of kastom in the lives of Solomon Islands women.

Part 2 - Ethnic Tension

Part 2 Ethnic Tension explores the important roles these women played as peacemakers during the ethnic unrest.

Part 3 - Progress and Challenges

Part 3 Progress and Challenges explores the challenges women faced and the significant progress they achieved in overcoming these challenges in today’s male dominated society.

Part 4 - Politics

Part 4 Politics explores the key roles some of the Solomon Islands leading women played in Solomon Islands politics.

Part 5 - Future Emerging Challenges

Part 5 explores the future emerging challenges these leading women face and the likely course of action they will take to overcome these challenges.