SI PM impressed with RSIPF specialist teams

Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare applauded the professionalism and skill of the nation’s Police Response Team (PRT) and Close Personal Protection Team (CPP) following a public order management and dignitary protection demonstrations at the RAMSI Base in East Honiara on 3 November 2016.

The Prime Minister explained: “We are ready to make the final decision on the rearming of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. My Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Hon. Stanley Sofu, is in the process of bringing a paper to Cabinet and we will make the final decision based on that. But I must say I am satisfied with what I have seen. The Police Response Team and Close Personal Protection units are ready.”

The demonstrations, which were witnessed by the Prime Minister and the Police Minister, showcased the PRT’s and CPP’s current, advanced capacity to respond rapidly and bring under control quickly threats to public order.

The CPP team proved that it could keep dignitaries safe.

The PRT proved that it was accomplished at using less-lethal weapons, including hand-held gas canisters and other disruption devices, to control a crowd or an upset individual with minimal force under a range of different circumstances.

RSIPF Commissioner Frank Prendergast added that “the Police Response Team was now a strong and capable unit, and that, after 13 years of training from RAMSI, it stood out as one of the best public order management units in the region”.

“We are also in the process of identifying current police officers that could expand the strength of PRT so that PRT officers can be based in Auki and Gizo from early 2017.”

“This should give the people of Solomon Islands a deep sense of confidence in the abilities of their police force to assume full policing responsibilities and keep Solomon Islanders safe and secure when RAMSI departs in June next year,” he said.