RAMSI PPF works closely with RSIPF maintain security after disaster

RAMSI’s Participating Police Force (RAMSI PPF) are working alongside their Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) counterparts to help maintain and promote continued law, order and security following last week’s devastating floods.

“The scale of the natural disaster has stretched the resources of RSIPF. RAMSI PPF has been able to participate in high visibility patrols alongside the RSIPF and this has helped to maintain public confidence in the law and order situation in Honiara,” says Ms Justine Braithwaite, RAMSI Special Coordinator.

The Solomon Islands Government has also requested additional personnel and specialist expertise to the assist the RSIPF in conducting local security operations in and around Honiara and the Gold Ridge mine.

Australian Federal Police and emergency personnel who arrived in Honiara on 9 and 10 April have been deployed as members of the RAMSI contingent and the PPF. RAMSI’s PPF is a regional policing mission comprised of police from Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific Island contributing nations.

The new group of RAMSI PPF officers and emergency personnel are providing assistance to the RSIPF, on a short-term basis, to assist it to maintain security and safety at the Gold Ridge Mine while potential hazards are assessed. They will also be bolstering local police capacity and supporting operations in Guadalcanal and the provinces as needed,” said Acting Commander of the PPF, Mr Wayne Buchhorn.

In recent days RAMSI PPF has also assisted in deploying patrol boats around the coastline of Guadalcanal to assist with the search for flood victims who had been washed out to sea. The boats were also used to assist Australian Defence Force personnel make assessments on bridges and roads that have been affected by the flooding.

PPF helicopters have assisted with the damage assessment around Guadalcanal and in other provinces. In addition, PPF are providing vehicles and drivers to allow the RSIPF reach isolated and cut off villages. PPF specialists are also assisting the RSIPF with victim identification at the National Referral Hospital.

“As a mission for Helpem Fren, RAMSI will stand alongside the RSIPF to provide a secure environment to enable relief efforts carried out by the Solomon Islands government and other agencies to ensure the lives of all Solomon Islanders affected by the disaster return to normal,” said Ms Braithwaite, RAMSI Special Coordinator.