RSIPF launches new website

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) recently launched a new website ( to help strengthen its communications and relationship with the Solomon Islands community.

The RSIPF is currently changing the way it is policing, with a primary focus now on crime prevention. A key element of this approach is ongoing effective communication, coordination and collaboration with the community and stakeholders.

The new website will provide a forum for the RSIPF to advise the community and other stakeholders about the RSIPF’s policing strategy and for the community to relay their views and feedback. It is a visible symbol of the RSIPF’s absolute commitment to work together in partnership with the community.

Feature items on the home page reflect the current work of the RSIPF and key areas of focus. One of the feature items on launch of the site focusses on family violence. The RSIPF is working hard to combat family violence and violence against women in partnership with other agencies and Ministries.

Other resources include information and brochures on traffic safety and policing, alcohol, kwaso and cannabis. These are also major social issues in the Solomon Islands and the RSIPF needs the support of communities to deal with the resultant crime issues and crime prevention.

The site also provides a range of information including the history and functions of the RSIPF, as well as current projects including the Limited Rearmament of the RSIPF.

You can visit the new website here.