RSIPF Deputy Commissioner bids farewell

Acting Commissioner of the RSIPF, Walter Kola today officially farewelled the Commander of the Participating Police Force, Mr. Wayne Buchhorn.

On commencement of the parade, Acting Commissioner Kola welcomed official guests, PPF Executive and other personnel.

Official guests at the ceremony included the Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services – Honorable. Clay Forau Soalaoi, Permanent Secretary Mr. Jeffrey Kauha, Direction of Public Prosecutions Mr Ronald Bei Talasasa, Correctional Services Solomon Islands Mr. Francis Haisoma and Comptroller of Customs, Mr Nathan Kama.

At the ceremony, Acting Commissioner Kola acknowledged and thanked Commander Buchhorn for his dedication, support and service to the RSIPF and the Solomon Islands Community.

In his speech, Acting Commissioner Kola acknowledged Commander Buchhorn’s achievements. He said: “Your executive leadership and planning initiatives with the RSIPF for the 2010 National General Elections was greatly appreciated”. “Your assistance with facilitating and providing extra human resources, physical resources and specialised equipment and personnel for the election period were outstanding”.

During his speech, RAMSI’s efforts for the RSIPF housing was acknowledged, as well as mentoring to the executive management team of the RSIPF.

Commander Buchhorn’s leadership to the members of the PPF was also acknowledged, showing the direction on working with the local police force and the move to the Capacity Development phase of the RAMSI mission.

Commander Buchhorn spoke at the parade and thanked the Solomon Islands community and the RSIPF for today’s parade.

He stressed the importance of how important it is to work together and lead by example to achieve RSIPF organisational strategic goals.

Mr Buchhorn said “It is important that all RSIPF members recognise that they are instrumental in ensuring that community confidence is kept to a high level. This is not only the role of the RSIPF Executive; it is the role of each and every one of you.”

He then said “Please ensure that you continue to work at this high standard and always remain professional and never forget that you are all the face of the RSIPF”.

“I leave here with fond memories of my two years in the Solomon Islands and I thank every member here today for making this a memorable opportunity”.

Commander Buchhorn arrived to the Solomon Islands in May 2009 as the Commander of the Participating Police Force. In addition, he was sworn in as Deputy Commissioner of the RSIPF for the duration of his posting.