RAMSI to hold forums with high school students

Wakabaot Tok Tok meetings, part of RAMSI’s Community Outreach program, are RAMSI’s way of connecting with Solomon Islands’ church leaders, provincial leaders, Government officials and representatives from a wide range of community organisations across Solomon Islands.

Wakabaot Tok Toks – as in, ‘Walk and talk’ – are open forums designed to provide community leaders with the opportunity to share their thoughts on RAMSI’s work and performance. Since they commenced in 2007, these meetings have also been vital in helping the wider community understand more about RAMSI, while simultaneously providing a checkpoint for RAMSI on the mission’s work.

Over the coming months, RAMSI will be taking the Wakabaot Tok Tok concept to High schools across the country.

These in-depth forums will specifically-target Form Six and Seven students, covering topics including the future of Solomon Islands and the RAMSI transition.

The first of these meeting will commence at Honiara High School this week, and will eventually shift to other major schools throughout the country.

RAMSI Culture and Outreach Coordinator, Chris Tarohimae, who will be heading the forums, said the meetings will provide an opportunity for senior high school students to share their views on RAMSI.

“These Wakabaot TokToks will give students an opportunity to talk frankly with senior officials about RAMSI and its current transition period.”

Mr Tarohimae said that high school students’ views were often lost at the national level, hence why the concept of holding these forums in high schools was so important.

“Many of these students will be the future leaders and decision-makers of this nation. RAMSI needs to know their views on their nation’s future,” Mr Tarohimae said.

Mr Tarohimae said that this concept will initially commence in three high schools – Honiara High School, King George VI High School and St Nicholas Community High School, and will be further expanded across the country in 2012.