RAMSI prepares for transition in Buala

Next week will see an important step taken in RAMSI’s transition, with the reduction of the day-to-day presence of the Participating Police Force officers in Buala, Isabel Province.

In recent weeks, representatives from the RSIPF, RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government have been working with key community and government in Isabel to discuss the process of RAMSI’s transition and how it will directly affect Isabel.

During the consultations Deputy Commissioner Edmond Sikua reinforced that the RSIPF is ready for this transition.

“The good work of our officers is what makes it possible for RAMSI to begin scaling down its physical presence in Buala. I can assure you that the RSIPF is ready to take responsibility for policing and national security,” he said.

PPF officers will next week begin to scale down their presence in Isabel, giving the RSIPF greater opportunity to take full responsibility for maintaining law and order across Isabel.

As the RSIPF takes the lead in policing duties, RAMSI’s focus will be on helping the RSIPF develop their leadership and management skills. However, the Commander of the Participating Police Force, Paul Osborne said this does not mean the end of RAMSI’s support to Isabel Province.

“While the Participating Police Force is now moving away from having a day-to-day presence on the ground in Buala,” he said.

“We will continue to provide ongoing support to RSIPF officers policing the province of Isabel including through mentoring programs, and will continue to work closely with the RSIPF to uphold the strong work of local officers across the province.”

Mr Osborne said the fact that the RSIPF was now able to take full responsibility in Buala was a reflection of the strong progress that had been made since RAMSI’s arrival, together with the support police continue to receive from the communities across Isabel Province.

“This transition reflects the significant progress made since RAMSI’s arrival and the strong community support for the RSIPF across Isabel. It is a great example of Solomon Islanders continuing to take the lead in shaping their nation’s future.”

Throughout the process of transition, RAMSI will continue to work closely with the Solomon Islands Government, the RSIPF to support the people of Solomon Islands.