RAMSI launches new website

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has launched a new website at www.ramsi.org to reflect the changes in the mission since transition last year and to outline its priorities until 2017.

RAMSI Special Coordinator, Ms Justine Braithwaite launched the new website in Honiara today at an event to mark the 11th anniversary of the Mission in the country.

“RAMSI is committed to engaging with the public in our work in Solomon Islands. Today, I am pleased to mark that commitment by launching a new and up-to-date website which will help promote a higher level of public awareness about the new shape of RAMSI as a regional police mission.

“It is my hope that this new tool will be used widely in Solomon Islands and throughout the Pacific region to inform users of RAMSI’s capacity development work with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force,” said Ms Braithwaite.

Ms Braithwaite added: “RAMSI strongly believes in accountability and transparency and the new website is an appropriate vehicle that achieves this in a cost effective manner. The new site is designed to be easy for anyone interested in the Mission’s work to access and navigate. And I’m pleased it also has the facility for members of the public who wish to comment on what RAMSI is doing or to ask us questions.”

“More and more Solomon Islanders are accessing internet services across the country, particularly through their mobiles. One of the innovations of the new site is it will be optimised for mobile phone users. The site will be regularly updated with RAMSI press releases, speeches, photos, brochures, events and more, enabling people to easily find current material on the Mission’s work in Solomon Islands,” said Ms Braithwaite.

The new website also includes information on how RAMSI has changed over the years, from its inception as a police, development and military operation to its new focus on strengthening the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.