RAMSI applauds RSIPF work on gender based violence

The Royal Solomon Islands Police (RSIPF) has been applauded for its programs marking the 16-day campaign for the elimination of gender based violence through conducting outreach programs at various locations in the capital Honiara starting on 27 November.

The theme of the 16-day campaign is, “IUMI STAN TOGETA FOR ENDIM VAELENS AGENST WOMEN”.

The RSIPF campaign program will also include presentations at the various RSIPF Housing Estates in Honiara as well in the Malaita Provincial capital Auki and nearby communities.

The RSIPF Community Policing and Family Violence Team together with the Police Band started the outreach program at the Henderson Market in east Honiara stopping at the various market locations in East Honiara and ending at the White River market in West Honiara.

The campaign in Honiara on 27 November also featured 20-year old Ms Lovinda Reggie, the Miss Red Manson Inn in the recent 2015 Miss Solomon Pageant and Chief Peter Usi from the Burns Creek community in East Honiara.

Speaking when the outreach team stopped at the Kukum Market in Honiara, the Acting RAMSI Special Coordinator, Alex Cameron congratulated the RSIPF Community Policing and Family Violence Team for conducting the awareness on gender based violence as part of their 16-day campaign activities.

“Solomon Islands is a happy and peaceful country but like many other countries, it is struggling with disturbingly high rates of gender-based violence. Around two-thirds of women in this country experience violence first-hand at some point in their lives,” said Mr Cameron.

Mr Cameron said, “The impact of violence on women’s lives is devastating and affects the well-being of entire communities. It breeds insecurity, contributes to poverty, and adversely impacts on development and the nation’s economic growth.”

“The elimination of gender based violence is a national commitment that must be supported by all stakeholders, be they communities, chiefs, churches, provincial governments, civil society, international organisations and donors,” said Mr Cameron, RAMSI’s Acting Special Coordinator.

The RAMSI Participating Police Force is working together with RSIPF to help eliminate gender-based and family violence in Solomon Islands through the implementation of the Family Violence Act 2013.

The RSIPF campaign program will end on 10 December 2015.