RAMSI and RSIPF welcome new PPF commander

RAMSI and RSIPF have welcomed Australian Federal Police Commander, Paul Osborne to lead RAMSI’s Participating Police Force. He is replacing Wayne Buchhorn who departed the mission in May this year.

Commander Osborne will be responsible for the 15 Pacific Nations that serve under the RAMSI Participating Police Force. Commander Osborne has over 26 years of experience serving with the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He has a diverse range of law enforcement experience at both the national and International levels and has previously served overseas as a Senior Liaison Officer attached to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

Commander Osborne has also managed the AFP’s Law Enforcement Cooperation Program leading a range of bilateral and multilateral capacity building and assistance programs being undertaken with various overseas law enforcement partners and agencies in Asia, Pacific and the rest of the world. Commander Osborne has managed the AFP International Network of Senior AFP Officers in 33 cities around the world. Most recently, he has been responsible for the AFP’s International Deployment Group which is responsible for training and deploying police to the RAMSI Participating Police Force.

He has been to the Solomon Islands on a number of occasions and he looks forward to spending two years working with RAMSI.

Commander Osborne has also been sworn in as a Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force by Acting Commissioner Walter Kola.

Acting Commission Kola made special reference of the importance of the Deputy Commissioner position, assisting the RSIPF Executive in executive leadership and strategic planning initiatives and said that he looks forward to working closely with Commander Osborne.