More police houses handed over

The keys to eleven new houses for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have been formally handed over to officers at Tetere, in eastern Guadalcanal Province.

The houses, which were funded through RAMSI by the New Zealand Government, will provide accommodation for RSIPF officers who have been posted to work in eastern Guadalcanal.

At Friday’s handover ceremony, RAMSI Special Coordinator Nicholas Coppel said the construction of the houses was an important part of RAMSI’s supporting to the RSIPF.

“Today marks an important milestone for the RSIPF, for RAMSI, for the National and Guadalcanal Province governments, and obviously for the people of Tetere and eastern Guadalcanal. Each of these houses has been built as part of the process of creating a positive future for the RSIPF.”

He said that the police housing project was playing a vital role in helping to ensure RSIPF officers are posted to more areas of Solomon Islands.

“As a result of the improved police housing, the RSIPF will soon be able to post officers from around the country for short and long-term stints here in Tetere.”

“These houses mean there will be more officers, on the ground here in Tetere, more often. “

He added that the new houses would play an important part in helping the RSIPF build a reputation as an ‘employer of choice’ in Solomon Islands.

“The RSIPF is now attracting the best young recruits; police officers who are committed, passionate about strengthening law and order in Solomon Islands, and who see long-term opportunities to serve their nation as members of the RSIPF.”

Friday’s handover ceremony bring the total number of RAMSI-funded police houses now in RSIPF hands to 48 houses already occupied by RSIPF officers and their families at Rove, Lata and Henderson.

Construction is continuing on houses in Auki (Malaita Province), Noro, Munda and Gizo (Western Province), Kira Kira (Makira Province) and Taro (Choiseul Province), with many houses expected to be completed in the coming weeks.