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Samoa has played a key role in RAMSI since it began in July 2003, with Samoans working in policing and civilian roles to help with the long-term strengthening of Solomon Islands. Those working with the Participating Police Force bring skills in general duties, community policing and close personal protection and have taken part in training exercises so they can take more skills back home to their Samoan Police Force.

  • A 10-year veteran of the Samoan Police, contributing to RAMSI was Efo Moalele-Mauinatu's first overseas posting, and one she relished.

    Some RAMSI Participating Police Force advisers are lucky enough to have the opportunity to serve in various locations throughout the picturesque Solomon Islands.

    Efo Moalele-Mauinatu, from the Samoan capital of Apia, spent time in Honiara, the Malaita capital of Auki, Tingoa in Rennell and Bellona Province, and in Malu’u, north Malaita. Her work included general duties, community policing, and work as an adviser to the National Criminal Investigation Division. 

    Building close relationships with Royal Solomon Islands Police Force officers, and with local people in communities, has been one of the perks of the role. Married with one son, Efo also become involved in the Womens Advisory Network during her time in the Solomons.


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