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One of the smallest Pacific Island nations to join RAMSI, which it did in 2006, Niue posts two of its 16 police officers to RAMSI, a proportionately strong commitment to supporting the Mission and Solomon Islands.

  • Albert Tasmania comes from the beautiful and isolated island of Niue, located to the east of Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean.

    Albert Tasmania, currently on deployment with RAMSI’s Participating Police Force, comes from the beautiful and isolated island of Niue, located to the east of Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean. Albert is one of two Niueans currently serving as part of the RAMSI Participating Police Force.

    Albert commenced his first overseas deployment in September 2008. Back home in Niue’s capital, Alofi, Albert has worked in community policing as a Senior Constable for seven years and derives great satisfaction from being able to help people and contribute to the community.

    His roles in RAMSI’s Participating Police Force have included a posting to the provincial police posts of Gizo, Auki and Kirakira, general duties, and close personal protection duties for dignitaries in Honiara, including the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, Dr Derek Sikua.

    He feels a great sense of privilege representing his country in RAMSI’s Participating Police Force, especially in the role he plays providing security to the country’s leaders.

    “To provide security and safety to our Pacific leaders is indeed an honour. I am thankful to RAMSI and my own police force for this great opportunity,” he says.

    Albert enjoys contributing to the daily life of the mission through his work and giving support to both members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and his Pacific Island colleagues.

    The Niuean policeman enjoys interacting with new people from a raft of different countries here in the Solomon Islands, but he admits he misses his family and is looking forward to the time when he is back home and can be with them again.

    One of his highlights of his time with RAMSI has been working in a diverse environment, learning new skills, sharing knowledge and visiting different places.

    Albert says that it has been a great experience working with his police colleagues from across the Pacific in the Solomons to help support the men and women from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

    “The great thing is that I came here to help build the local police capacity, but I have also learnt a lot from them.

    “They are very dedicated to their roles and work hard to ensure the ongoing peace and stability of this beautiful country,” Albert says.

    Niue is believed to be the largest coral island in the world – hence its name, ‘the Rock of Polynesia’. Albert has been a first-rate ambassador and rock for the country of Niue.


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