Marshall Islands


The Marshall Islands, known as the 'Pearls of the Pacific', play an important role in the strengthening of Solomon Islands, with officers from the Marshall Islands Police Force having served with RAMSI’s Participating Police Force since May 2006.

  • Tarry Tarkij is proudly the sole representative from Marshall Islands currently serving with RAMSI.

    When it comes to supporting law and order in Solomon Islands, the contribution of Tarry Tarkij from the Marshall Islands to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands is highly valued, and he is proudly the sole representative from his island nation in the Participating Police Force.

    Tarry, 32, has been an officer with the Marshall Islands National Police Force for three and a half years, and brings some specialist skills to his role as a RAMSI Participating Police Force Adviser.

    I addition to his policing experiences working in the traffic section, counterfeit detection and maritime law enforcement he is well prepared to help in the case of any natural disasters in Solomon Islands, having attended a Disaster Victim Identification course in Vanuatu in 2007 as part of his professional development.

    Formerly a school teacher, Tarry says he became a police officer because he wanted to help make his community safe for everyone and now wants to contribute to the Solomon Islands to do the same.

    “I joined the police in the Republic of the Marshall Islands to serve and protect the people of my country and I like the challenge and variety that law enforcement offers and how no two days are the same,” he says.

    Tarry has enjoyed his deployment to the Solomon Islands and believes that it is a country that is very similar to his own island nation.

    “The Marshall Islands has population of just 65,000 people, about an eighth of the size of the Solomons, but in many ways this country reminds me of home.

    “I come from Majuro which is a flat, coastal area with beautiful lagoons and lined with coconut palms and is very similar to the Reef Islands in the Temotu Province of Solomon Islands, where I have been most recently posted in RAMSI.

    “I have worked in the provincial postings of Kirakira, Isuna, Lata and two postings to Malu’u and I have really enjoyed each one. My Royal Solomon Islands Police Force colleagues are keen to do their work and have always been welcoming to me. I have been able to learn a lot from them which has been an amazing experience,” he says.

    Back home, Tarry’s wife’s Siteri and their two children, four-year-old boy Hackney who started kindergarten this year and one-year old Sophia are eagerly awaiting Tarry’s return to the Marshall Islands after he completes his mission.

    “I miss my family, but because I am here helping our Solomon Islands friends rebuild their country it makes it a lot easier to be away from them and I feel like this is a very important thing I am involved with.

    “I like the idea of helping out police officers and communities in another country and the thought of being able to work with police officers from many nations is a unique experience as there are many opportunities for me to share experiences and exchange knowledge.

    “To be part of a team effort and make real changes in people’s lives is something very special, and I will never forget it,” he says


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