The team

With more than 400 people from 15 different countries, the RAMSI team is as diverse as the Pacific itself.


Select an area below to learn more about the 15 countries that contribute to RAMSI, some of the key people that lead RAMSI's work in Solomon Islands, and get to know many of the team members that work in Solomon Islands to help develop the skills and capacity of Solomon Islanders.

  • Meet the Team

    Get to know many of the team members who work for RAMSI, learn more about their cultures, their work and their time in Solomon Islands.

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  • Contributing Countries

    Learn more about the 15 countries from across the Pacific region contribute to RAMSI, and meet some of the people that fly their country's flag in the Solomons.

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  • Key People

    Meet some of the key leaders of RAMSI and learn more about their backgrounds.

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