Solomon Islands

With over 900 islands and an estimated 70 languages, Solomon Islands is a nation of striking diversity.


Select an area below to get an insight into Solomon Islands life, culture and language, and learn more the big issues faced by the people of this nation of more than 500,000 people.

  • People's Survey

    The People’s Survey is an independent, annual survey that documents the opinions of Solomon Islanders on issues including employment, the economy, law and order and government.

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  • 'Talking Truth'

    Talking Truth is the weekly radio show broadcast on Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) across the Solomons. Download the latest episodes and learn more about the show.

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  • Tok Pijin

    Download RAMSI's quick guide to speaking Solomon Islands Pijin.

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  • Useful Links

    Find out more about RAMSI's partners and Solomon Islands.

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