RAMSI’s regional nature is its core underlying strength with the mission benefiting from the diverse cultures and experience of the contributing members. Since the arrival of RAMSI in 2003, thousands of police, military and civilian personnel from across the region have served with RAMSI and worked side by side with Solomon Islanders.

The small island nation of Tuvalu has been an important contributor to RAMSI since December 2004. Officers from Tuvalu Police Force provide support and advice to their colleagues in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force through their work in the Participating Police Force. This is a strong commitment from the fourth-smallest country in the world.

Tuvalu, formerly known as the Ellice Islands, is located midway between Hawaii and Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. It comprises nine islands (four reef islands and five coral atolls), eight of which are inhabited. Tuvalu’s population is approximately 11,000, with about half living on the atoll of Funafuti, which is the capital. Tuvalu became independent from the United Kingdom in October 1978.