RAMSI’s regional nature is its core underlying strength with the mission benefiting from the diverse cultures and experience of the contributing members. Since the arrival of RAMSI in 2003, thousands of police, military and civilian personnel from across the region have served with RAMSI and worked side by side with Solomon Islanders.

Kiribati has been an important contributor to RAMSI, with officers from the Kiribati Police Force serving as part of the RAMSI Participating Police Force since July 2003. Connecting with people on a grass-roots level is part and parcel of the work for these Kiribati police officers.

Kiribati comprises 33 atolls and the phosphate island of Banaba. The atolls straddle the equator in the mid-Pacific ocean and form three groups – the Gilbert, Phoenix and Line Islands. Kiribati is spread out over 3.5 million square kilometres of ocean. Its population is approximately 107,000.

Tarawa is the capital, and the most populous atoll. The majority of the remaining population live in the Gilbert Islands. The Phoenix Islands are uninhabited. Kiribati is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and rising sea levels, with an average elevation of less than two metres above sea level.