Former Development Coordinators

Previously under RAMSI, there were three main development programs; the Law and Justice program; the Machinery of Government program; and the Economic Governance program. The Development Coordinator was responsible for the management of these programs and reported to the Special Coordinator. This position was held by an Australian development official.

As these programs were shifted to bilateral aid partners on 1 July 2013 as part of ‘transition’, the position was done away with. In total, there were five Development Coordinators over the ten years that the position existed within the Mission.

RAMSI’s former Development Coordinators are:


Jane Lake


Jane Lake (2012-2013)





Paul Kelly


Paul Kelly (2007-2010)





blair exel


Blair Excel (2006-2007)





catherine walker


Catherine Walker (2004-2006)





margret Thomas


Margret Thomas (2003)