Cook Islands

RAMSI’s regional nature is its core underlying strength with the mission benefiting from the diverse cultures and experience of the contributing members. Since the arrival of RAMSI in 2003, thousands of police, military and civilian personnel from across the region have served with RAMSI and worked side by side with Solomon Islanders.

Cook Islands is a founding and valued member of RAMSI. The Cook Islands Police Service has deployed officers as part of RAMSI’ s Participating Police Force since the Mission first arrived in Solomon Islands in July 2003.

The Cook Islands comprises 15 small islands, spread over 2.2 million square kilometres, northeast of New Zealand and between American Samoa and French Polynesia. The resident population is about 12,000. Rarotonga, the capital, is the most populous island.

The Cook Islands is a parliamentary democracy, with Queen Elizabeth II the Head of State. The Cook Islands is a self-governing state ‘in free association’ with New Zealand, an arrangement dating from August 1965. Under the terms of the free association, Cook Islanders hold New Zealand citizenship and enjoy the right of free access to New Zealand.