Pacific Islands Forum officials congratulate Solomon Islands and RAMSI

Senior representatives from Pacific Island Forum (PIF) nations congratulated RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) on their collective efforts to prepare for the conclusion of RAMSI and the historic and unprecedented successes of the Mission over its 14-year lifespan.

The congratulations were shared at the 13th and final meeting of the Enhanced Consultative Mechanism (ECM) meeting on RAMSI in Honiara on 26 June 2017. The ECM is an annual meeting that monitors the performance of RAMSI. Organised by the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, this year it involved officials from the Federated States of Micronesia (current chair), Australia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands and RAMSI.

At the meeting, SIG and RAMSI officials were applauded for the strong progress made by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) over the past 18 months – particularly their strong performance in terms of crime prevention and their heightened discipline and accountability. The successful and incident-free limited rearmament of the police was also highlighted as the final piece of evidence that the RSIPF was ready to take full responsibility for Solomon Islands’ national security when RAMSI concludes at the end of this week.

PIF nation officials at the ECM agreed that the end of RAMSI was a historic and momentous occasion, and said that Solomon Islands and RAMSI deserved the accolades that they were receiving during the RAMSI Farewell celebrations this week.

After the meeting, RAMSI Special Coordinator Quinton Devlin said that “The nations represented at the ECM confirmed that the timing was right for RAMSI to conclude and for Solomon Islands to ‘stand tall’ and write the next chapter of its story”.

“It was both pleasing and humbling to receive an excellent scorecard from the representatives of the region for returning peace and stability to the nation over the past 14 years,” he said.

Mr Devlin added: “The ECM has been a vital part of RAMSI’s oversight architecture for a number of years. I want to thank the participating nations for their wisdom and guidance, and I wish to thank the Forum Secretariat for its hard work coordinating the ECM, both this year and in previous years. RAMSI was founded under the auspices of the Pacific Islands Forum, so the Forum’s input has always been critically important to the success of RAMSI”.

The outcomes of the ECM will be reported to Pacific Island Forum Leaders later this year at the Leaders’ Meeting in Apia, Samoa.