Machinery of Government

RAMSI's Machinery of Government program aims to strengthen the Solomon Islands Government's capacity to meet their responsibilities and improve coordination and processes across government.


The key goal is to enhance the capacity of the Solomon Islands public service, ensuring it can deliver services more effectively to Solomon Islanders.


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  • Accountability

    Combatting weak administration and improper behaviour through the strengthening of the Solomon Islands Leadership Code Commission, Office of the Ombudsman and the Office of the Auditor-General.

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  • Electoral strengthening

    Helping to drive improvements to the Solomon Islands electoral system.

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  • Parliament

    Supporting the development of a National Parliament that is well-functioning and fulfils its representative, law-making and monitoring role.

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  • Public Service improvement

    Strengthening the Solomon Islands public service, improving Government housing and supporting those working within all arms of the Solomon Islands Government.

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  • Provincial Government

    Supporting provincial infrastructure projects and the strengthening of Solomon Islands provincial governments.

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  • Women in Government

    Improving women's opportunities for advancement to positions of leadership in government and the Solomon Islands public service.

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