The objective:      Solomon Islands Government policy commitments on gender are advanced consistently across government.


The strategy

RAMSI will ensure that all RAMSI support programs improve capacity for gender reporting aligned with Solomon Islands Government policy commitments and CEDAW obligations. Specifically, RAMSI will support Solomon Islands Government agencies to:

  1. Increase capacity to collect sex disagrgregated data (information organised by gender) for planning purposes.
  2. Jointly agree on relevant gender outcomes.

RAMSI's work

Identified as a cross-cutting issue in the Partnership Framework, gender equality is being directly addressed to ensure that both men and women benefit from RAMSI. Solomon Islands ratified the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women in 2002, but the status of women in the Solomon Islands remains low.

Although there are few women in decision-making positions in the public service and law and justice institutions, women's capacity for leadership is strong. By supporting women's leadership potential and removing barriers to accessing justice via legislative reform, RAMSI is helping the Solomon Islands Government to change this situation.

Action on equality

For the first time, gender-based data is to be collected throughout all government departments which will allow key benchmarks to be targetted in the areas of employment and training.

RAMSI's Women in Government program is aimed at supporting the efforts of Solomon Islands women to increase their participation in government. RAMSI also employs a Gender Adviser who provides advice across RAMSI programs and counterpart government agencies.

Recent amendments to the Solomon Islands Correctional Services Act remove significant barriers to women's career development, promotion and overall representation within Correctional Services Solomon Islands. The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has also set a target for each recruit intake to include at least 30 per cent women.