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Reflections on RAMSI, 2017

RAMSI and Australia commissioned indigenous film company Bacon Factory Films to produce a short documentary that captured the challenges faced by RAMSI personnel and its achievements. It was filmed in Honiara from June to July 2017 and uses archival footage. The film captures the voices of Solomon Islanders, Australians and regional leaders, and provides a concise overview of the mission.

[18 minutes, Director: Dean Gibson, Producer: Stephen Limkin and Cinematographer: Scott Wood]

Mere Blong Iumi: Part 1 – Kastom

The RAMSI-produced documentary, Mere Blong Iumi, records the extraordinary experiences of Solomon Islands women in recent history as peacemakers, parliamentarians, business leaders, educators and homemakers – in their own words and for the first time.

Part 1 Kastom explores the place of kastom in the lives of Solomon Islands women.

Mere Blong Iumi: Part 2 – Ethnic Tension

Part 2 Ethnic Tension explores the important roles women played as peacemakers during the ethnic unrest.

Mere Blong Iumi: Part 3 – Progress & Challenges

Part 3 Progress and Challenges explores the challenges women faced and the significant progress they achieved in overcoming these challenges in today’s male dominated society.

Mere Blong Iumi: Part 4 – Politics

Part 4 Politics features the key roles some of the Solomon Islands leading women played in Solomon Islands politics.

Mere Blong Iumi: Part 5 – Furture Emerging Challenges

Part 5 The emerging challenges these leading women face and the likely course of action they will take to overcome these challenges.

Helpem Fren – Rebuilding a Pacific Nation

This one hour documentary is a moving account of the Solomon Islands from the tensions of early 2000 to the peace and prosperity of the present day (2013). It is told primarily through the eyes of Solomon Islanders and respective Prime Ministers John Howard and Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The story begins with an exploration of the breakdown in government, governance and law and order during the tensions and the crimes of the notorious mass murderer Harold Keke, who is now serving multiple life sentences.

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands was a large and expensive undertaking. Australia alone spent over $2 billion on police, troops, civilian advisors and aid between 2003 and 2013. The Mission had many successes including the removal of most firearms from the community, the restoration of law and order and increased economic growth. But the country also had setbacks, including the April 2006 riots involving the burning down of Honiara’s Chinatown.

Using extensive archival footage and a score from Brett Aplin, the audience is taken on an emotional journey, seeing the tragic loss of life, hope with the arrival of the Mission and plans for the nation’s future.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four