Letter from RAMSI

Download articles by RAMSI that have been published in the Islands Business Magazine under its 'Letter from RAMSI' column.

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April 2013 Recognising the quiet achiever  8.4MB PDF file
March 2013 Solomon Islanders take up leadership and law and order issues 8.1MB PDF file
February 2013 Atenasi Ata-Wasuka: Leader in waiting 1MB PDF file


October 2012 Buildings key to restoring police performance 127KB PDF file
Setember 2012 RAMSI: Why transition now? 101KB PDF file
August 2012 Corrections lead the way in gender equality 123KB PDF file

July 2012 A taste of peacekeeping the Pacific Way at the UN 6.3MB PDF file

June 2012 New Documentary Gives Voice to Stories of Women 106KB PDF file
May 2012 Capturing the trends of a nation 4.8MB PDF file
April 2012 Fearless Public Servant Wins Women's Award 5MB PDF file
March 2012 Solomons Police Take the Lead in the Provinces 4MB PDF file
February 2012 Think, Act; Plans to update Solomons Police Act 4.2MB PDF file
January 2012 Hard, fast, smart improved police of the Solomons 4MB PDF file


December 2011 Tok moa: The telecom revolution 4.2MB PDF file
November 2011 Breaking Barriers 3.5MB PDF file
October 2011 RAMSI and students talk transition 3.2MB PDF file
September 2011 Pacific pioneers: Reflecting on RAMSI's early days  3.4MB PDF file 
August 2011 Solomons teachers talk transition 2.6MB PDF file
July 2011 A Wagina welkam: Returning home with RAMSI 2.3MB PDF file
June 2011 A capacity building success story 2.1MB PDF file
May 2011 Tomorrow's leaders talk transition 1.7MB PDF file
April 2011 Kicking goals for Solomon Islands 1.6MB PDF file
March 2011 East Honiara chiefs talk transition 1.3MB PDF file
February 2011 Measuring a nation's progress 967KB PDF file
January 2011 Gizo community leaders tok tok with RAMSI 745KB PDF file


December 2010 The next generation of public sector leaders 688 KB PDF file
November 2010 Building bridges between people and poiice 143KB PDF file
October 2010 Getting the news to remote communities 152KB PDF file
September 2010 First Aussie Rules star with RAMSI's help 143KB PDF file
August 2010 Making it easier to find a good woman 168KB PDF file
July 2010 Helping, Living and Learning Lots 131KB PDF file
June 2010 On Home Soil 147KB PDF file
May 2010 Wokabaot TokToks: Community Meetings 143KB PDF file 
April 2010 RAMSI helps showcase lives of leading Solomon Islands Women 1.7MB PDF file  
March 2010 Pacific Connections: New Zealanders making an impact in Solomons 164KB PDF file
February 2010 Solomons kids embrace a new school of sport 143KB PDF file
January 2010 Bringing back the dollars 135KB PDF file