What is RAMSI

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) is a partnership between the people and Government of Solomon Islands and fifteen contributing countries of the Pacific region.

RAMSI is helping the Solomon Islands to lay the foundations for long-term stability, security and prosperity – through support for improved law, justice and security; for more effective, accountable and democratic government; for stronger, broad-based economic growth; and for enhanced service delivery.

The overarching goal of RAMSI’s work is for a peaceful, well-governed and prosperous Solomon Islands. This goal is being pursued over the long-term through a mutual commitment with the Solomon Islands Government, which supports RAMSI’s mandate to:

  • Ensure the safety and security of Solomon Islands.
  • Repair and reform the machinery of government, improve government accountability and improve the delivery of services in urban and provincial areas.
  • Improve economic governance and strengthen the government’s financial systems.
  • Help rebuild the economy and encourage sustainable broad-based growth.
  • Build strong and peaceful communities.

This work is undertaken within the Solomon Islands Government-RAMSI Partnership Framework, which outlines the key areas where both RAMSI and the Solomon Islands Government will work together to achieve agreed goals.

RAMSI is helping Solomon Islanders get their nation working and growing again. That will take years of hard work. Nothing will change unless Solomon Islanders want change and are prepared to work hard in support of a common cause.