What is RAMSI?

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) is a partnership between the people and Government of Solomon Islands and fifteen countries of the Pacific.


RAMSI arrived in Solomon Islands in July 2003 at the request of the Solomon Islands Government. Since then, much has been achieved and Solomon Islands is continuing on its path to recovery.

  • What is RAMSI?

    The Regional Assisstance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) undertakes its work at the invitation of the people and Government of Solomon Islands. Learn more about RAMSI's role and how it works.

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  • Why RAMSI was Formed: A History

    Learn more about the people and events that shaped RAMSI's arrival in Solomon Islands in 2003.

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  • Key Documents

    Learn more about RAMSI's work and achievements through key RAMSI documents, including the Partnership Framework and evaluation reports.

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  • Contact Us

    Provide feedback, comments and ideas to RAMSI.

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